Natural Playgrounds

Quadrat Scotland believe that ecology and play go hand-in-hand and that the natural world can be used to make playscapes that are fun, encourage exploration and learning, and look beautiful as well as exciting.  We also try and use an element of the local landscape, nature or heritage to inform our designs and give them local relevance.

We have linked up with various landscape architects to produce designs for community and council schemes that use existing natural features to inform the design, enhanced by dens, huts, climbing logs, steeping stones and other ideas, often inspired by the children for whom the design is created. 

Planting within these areas emphasises the use of native species, species with interesting shape, smell, growth forms, those which form natural spaces such as willow or those which provide exciting components such as conkers, ash keys, filberts or just sticks.

We try and use the minimum of proscribed ‘equipment’ as children often find these dull after a few minutes:

            ‘you know what to do on them’

            ‘they are safe – always the same’

            ‘natural areas are more exciting, more to do’

Quiet areas for just sitting, drawing and chatting are important components of our playgrounds and, where possible, we try and create areas for biodiversity and encourage local children to manage and maintain these.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your own project or would like to see more examples of our work: